August 25, 2010

Asulikeit local Chuanjia Jewelry

Asulikeit local Chuanjia Jewelry
Lead: a girl of 80 after five or six years spent in England, studying the economy, but soon after returning home win over a group of designers, specializing in jewelry and the perfect combination of 18K gold, this is the first appeared, the local Chinese jewelry brand Asulikeit.

Asulikeit Chuanjia Jewelry
Very young, but a European royal heritage stretching for hundreds of years the noble qualities: grace, gorgeous, romantic, similar to the Rococo of the complex beauty, attention to detail present, each piece of jewelry is related to emeralds, diamonds, ruby and sapphire, tourmaline and 18K gold and other exquisite interpretation of marriage, while some from the hands of European collectors of antique jewelry Amoy Bora, beautiful, no copy of the time exudes beauty. Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDSIn this still early stage of China's growing brand jewelry store, although China has yet to see the design elements, though it is a bit small, but still faintly pleased that in the end is our own brand, but also from the design and quality seems very the future looks limitless.
Most jewelry on almost all the clouds of the diamond pieces or diamond or ruby and sapphire, etc., are all jewelry with precious stones each piece is heavy, the ultimate expression of design has attempted to form stones. Co-designer of the current mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and another co-design companies in Europe, their common feature is the three-dimensional jewelry designs, the more demands the more complicated details, such as the shadow of performance, degree of fit demanding fingers. Only one of each kind of jewelry around the world.

America may not be side things retro sapphire diamond ear hook (58,800 yuan), 18K gold and sapphire together to create the five mosaic of petty sapphire followed by elegant bow down and do the old texture, this is the interpretation of classical palace-style dinner Also the most gentle of the female guests a glimpse amazing details. 18K black gold frog with Sha Folai gem stone ring, whole body green Shafo Lai Shi, Yingying only eyes for the two pink ruby, the most exquisite degree of expression lies in the hollow abdomen pattern processing, do not see a trace of regret, 78000 element - each paw features fit perfectly with the fingers,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| as if it climbed up your fingers. Moonstones brooch (26,200 yuan), a full 15 best moonstones, each piece will be divergence in the light of a number of faint blue, floating in the sea as the moon at night, with diamonds and diamond, ribbon three-dimensional bump sense of being very organized and displayed - this stunning jewel on behalf of the best combination of technology and design is to be the heirloom shell - in Europe, everyone loves emeralds, many people would have left a grandmother emerald ring, emerald forces in Europe as jade in China. Only a great big emerald ring 18K gold, precious stones high purity, with diamond pieces, fit ergonomic shape with diamond cutting, 180,000 yuan.

K gold jewelry in India and another number, the next element will be a large number of Chinese local jewelry launch and look forward to.


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August 10, 2010

Fashion jewelry sparkling oriental classical Sentiment

Fashion jewelry sparkling oriental classical Sentiment
Wonderful world just like in Jane's jewelry, unique circulating endless life the legend of each jewelry declare themselves in the exciting, the bloom was the only exclusive world of beautiful, sometimes charm comes from the material itself, but also sometimes a source of Since the designer to give it vitality. When the jewelry designers love to hand out when the East, the Food of Love started in the east corner of every style quietly grows. When cultural elements across national boundaries, we will not be difficult in the design of the international big find of the Dragon and phoenix, jade and gold, the Chinese favorite of these materials and the international jewelry arena totem roots.

Chinese flavor materials

Asian jelly, like gold jewelry things already are known, these materials are now quite Chinese characteristics has been competing with national jewelry designers. Along with Eastern culture's emergence in recent years, Jade, gold platinum and other jewelry in a number of foreign brands began to appear, to show respect for Chinese culture.

Jade earring / Kin Hing Lee

"Confuse" the Orient Jade

The arrival times of Chinese Jade


Kyrgyzstan word jade / Rich Royal Jewelry

Elegant jade necklace seed if Ju Tian / day Pu Jewelry

Elegant color, fashion design, retains the authentic colors of Hotan jade seeds, makes hearts full of quiet and calm and collected.

If you are familiar with the jewelry and western culture, you will find that soft spot for Westerners since ancient times on the diamond, but little understanding of the jade, which is why very few foreign fine jewelry jade jewelry brand works reasons. On the contrary, in the East, jade has been a kind of spirit flies high quality is integrated into the profound cultural and moral foundation, hence, there are a large number of ancient oriental jade jewelry products, and little diamonds. Today, jade has long out of the original position, flying all abroad rose jewelry big guest of honor, perhaps this means that "Chinese Jade Age" to come true!

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