July 29, 2010

In Asia, most major international jewelry purchases

In most of Asia's international jewelry purchases of large events, the General Assembly Hall under the product category to the exhibition is divided into multiple characteristics, classification organized to facilitate the procurement buyers. June 6 exhibition theme zones:

Precious jewelry exhibition:

Located in Hall 1A, 1B and 1C jewelry exhibition, as buyers show sections of the hot jewelry.


Pearl area:

Located in Hall 3D and 3E, will showcase different types, colors, shapes and sizes of pearl products, styles divergent, freely choose.

Stone Gallery:

Located in Hall 3B, 3C, and the lobby, gathered around the world gemstone suppliers to provide buyers with different types and prices of gems and precious stones and jewelry, and attractive.

Silver, packaging, tools and equipment exhibition:

Hall 5B & 5C show various types of buyers will visit the stylish silver design, packaging, tools and equipment, product color color and taste.

Jade Gallery:

Various types of crystal clear, flawless emerald green jade will be displayed in the lobby of Jade Gallery Hall 1B, for buyers to purchase appreciation.

"Hong Kong Museum of Art Nazi" jewelry display creative interpretation of the essence of local brands

Debuted last year, the distinguished theme exhibition "Hong Kong Museum of Art pure" return in 2010 with honors. AD 900 key programmerbenz star 2000Toyota testerAK500 key programmerRenault CAN ClipFly 100 Hondax431Auto Diagnostic Hong Kong jewelry industry nearly 30 elite will continue to gather Gallery 1D and 1E, shiny eye-catching display sections of the Hong Kong Jewelry.

To actively promote Hong Kong jewelry brand, the General Assembly will be "pure Hong Kong Museum of Art," set in a beautiful small delicate stage, held several jewelry display. Models will wear a museum exhibition design sections provided by the excellent workmanship of our jewelry, and jewelry buyers from around the world witnessed the transformation of Hong Kong jewelry brands.




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